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Akatsuki clan


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Well i like the Akatsuki, but you may need to improve on the pic that your using for the "Akatsuki Clan", the format for the ritual is simple to understand if you look at a Yu-gi-oh ritual monster. The OCG is a little off but its fine enough for me lol


But other than that i like it.


For my final evaluation i give you a 8/10. Good luck on future cards. ^.^

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Well um.. what mistakes are there?

No need to point out these are my first cards :lol:


I tried to transcribe most of that from the real cards :? But it seems I did something wrong somewhere. So' date=' if it's not too much to ask. Can you advice me a bit? :)


Well, Ritual Spell cards Special Summon one monster only, though there are some rituals that have more than one monster you can summon with it(you choose 1 of them, not both). To Special Summon a Ritual Monster, you have the Ritual Monster and Ritual Card in your hand. Then, you activate the Ritual Card, and send monsters from your hand or field to the graveyard whose stars are equal to or greater than the stars of a certain amount. Rituals don't have specific monsters you must tribute.


So, the best way to go with this would be to make individual Akatsuki cards that can all be Summoned by the effect of a single Akatsuki ritual.

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