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All items are prepayed!

All items are prepayed!


[align=center][spoiler=Store Rules to the Customer]


1.) Your order will be PM'd to you by 24 hours of your request.

If it is not, you will recieve a half price discount.

2.) You orders will be of the same, or higher quality of the examples.

If they are not, I will refund you.





[spoiler=Store Status]OPEN

[spoiler=Store Status]






[spoiler=Rules for the Customer]


1.) Do not SPAM.

2.) Do not FLAME.

3.) Do not NAG.

4.) Pay for your orders in ADVANCE.

5.) I have the right to DENY any request.

6.) If I find any of MY that wasn't payed for in any of your threads, I will neg you 2 times a day until you delete the item and apologize.




[align=center][spoiler=Waiting List]














[spoiler=Diagnol Right Holo]




[spoiler=Diagnol Left Holo]



[spoiler=Vertical Holo]



[spoiler=Horizontal Holo]




[spoiler=Space Holo]









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could i also have booster


Picture: ella y su dragon

5D's or Old:5D's

Text:Road to Destruction

Text Color: Red


i just realized now i missed something on the card could you please holo and gold sticker this again please... you did a great job already sorry to make you do it again..




and i will add this to my order please.. just background please but if you can make blue part visible.. thanks




how many points do i owe you for cards and booster..?? (please tell me in the pm thanks)

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