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~My First MS Set! (Don't worry, its quite different!)~



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  1. 1. Maplestory?

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Hi people! I'm new here and this is my first set! Please don't flame :[. Just tell me what I should change and I will hopefully like your new idea.

As you read in the title, it is a Maplestory Set! I quit maple but I couldn't think of any other card themes. :] Take a look. (Sorry. I'm missing a lot of things in this set but I'll keep making cards. :]) (Cards means in like a booster pack or something. :])



Admin Cards



210897lm5.jpg210897cc2.jpg210897uc6.jpg210897rj4.jpg210897nr1.jpg [/center]



Beginner Cards






210897eu4.jpg [/align]



Most of the credit goes to Hidden-Street, Basil Market, MapleTip, MapleWiki, Strategy Wiki, and Google Images! xP

Thanks maple incorporates!

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