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Hello I'm obviously The_Fox but my friends can call me Ryan.

I'm clearly new here so please don't blame me if i make any mistakes.

I have already read the rules three times so I don't believe anyone will have a problem with me. As for if I like anime yes i do. My favorites would have to be in order...

#1. Full Metal Alchemist

#2. Code Geass (dubbed and subbed)

#3. Naruto (subbed)

#4. Death Note

#5. Bleach

#6. Yugioh (Original and GX)

#7. Eureka 7

#8. Inuyasha

#9. Blood +

#10. Yugioh 5ds (subbed dubbed is awful)

I would realy enjoy some comments and tips.

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Oh my god...you read the rules. And not just once, eith, but THREE times. You are welcomed here, my son. Feel good about your self.


Seriously, you and i will have no problems, if you aren't lying. and you like Bleach and Death Note, so that boosts your approval rating in my book. Finally a n00b i like; praise Jesus!! :D


Welcome, Ryan.

Oh, and you'll learn to like more of Shanoa. Like her body...and her smexiness. Damn, i'm drooling again. ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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