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Death Note! [UNFINISHED]


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Hand = hand


-in ryukes death note, remove the once per turn part, cuz u will obviously use the effect once and the cards will go to the graveyard


-in Kira card, the last line must be "your opponent must discard 1 Monster Card from his/her hand", since u cant "destroy" cards from the player's hand


-in ryuke: face up "Kira" on your field, your opponent must show his/her hand " no need for to you part "


- in L : You cant activate a card effect while the card is SET,

one = 1

Special summon one of those monster from where ?? ( Deck, hand, Graveyard ?? )



u could use better pics, ur ocg is not that bad, just needs some improvements, ^^

and I personaly dont like fake types



keep it up

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