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Heart Of Ice - New Booster set { with new card type } 3/??

Chaos Impact™

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This is my new set, it features a debut of my new type Ice! I've created a couple of cards but i'm hoping to add new cards every week, Before you view my new set heres some info about the set.


[align=center]Name: Heart Of Ice


Main Support: Water types and Ice Type monsters

Main Card: Warrior, Embodiment Of Ice

Release Date: 03 January 2008

Completion Date: ????

Card Debut's: Ice monster debut in this pack.[/align]


[align=center]First Your proberly wondering what are Ice monsters?

vvv Heres some info on Ice Monsters vvv[/align]


[align=center][spoiler= Ice Monsters Info " Click to view"]

Ice monsters are a new type that revolve around using ice counters and stalling your opponent. Ice counters each turn if you have any Ice type monsters on your side of the field you can put 1 ice counter on each ice monster you control. Having ice counters can increase monsters ATK or DEF, or you can remove them from your card to activate effects most ice monsters effects invlove you stalling your opponent from activating, attacking, drawing or summoning monsters.



Now that you learn abou that pack here are the cards!

The Main Card

The Main Card




More to be added soon!

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