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The 6 elements contest [ WANTED: A 5+ STARS JUDGE ]


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hey guys, since Im too bored, and I want to play some contests and 1on1z r no longer allowed, I decided to make this little , GREAT contest ..


Its a contest for 6

each member will choose an ATTRIBUTE ,other members cannot choose an Attribute that other member has chosed


I will join the contest, BUT, I will not judge, there will be a judge, must be a 5 stars member

AND I will be the last one to select an attribute,


- entry fee is 10 points

- pay, post your entry + your card. ( note: PAY to reserve your attr, if other members paid first, they have the rights to take your attr )

- Contest starts when all members join

- Contest ends when all cards are posted, then the judge will declare the winners ( I like short contests )

- Judges must judge this way:

Name + pic 3/10

OCG 2/10

Effect 3/10

Balance 2/10


1st = +3 REPS

2nd = +2 REPS

3rd = +1 REP


- I'll give +3 REPS , the judge will give the other +3

so all winners will recieve their REPS at the same time




DARK- Chaos[Remix]


WIND- Chidori *


WATER- megadriver *

FIRE- hazzah *


( * means u posted ur card )






ok now everyone , pay , post , & most of all, ENJOY ^_^


..:: ::..

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i'll pick Wind.





This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 3 WIND Attribute monsters from your field. When this card is successfully Special SUmmoned select 1 Spell card on the field and return it to its Owner's hand. When this card destroys a monster in DEF Position by Battle you can discard 1 card from your hand to send all Magic or Trap card(s) on the field to their Owner's hand. If you activate this Effect remove this catrd from play and pay Lifepoints equal to the number if cards removed from the field by this Effect x200.

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