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Get 30 points easy and 2 reps

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i know some


occult:don't know

power deck:I think strong cards

PCM:Never heard of it

Monster overload:Loads of monsters

Lightsworm:Light (lightsworm monsters)

Self deck destuckion:don't know

Virus Deck;Virus and electric type cards


hope that helped

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Occult : what? lol

Power Deck : realy strong monsters

PCM : ...powerful cat monsters lol

Monster Overload : like a swarm deck ?

Lightsworn : all i know is some gain attack to however others are in the grave

Self Deck Destruction : um... tribute monsters or send top cards from deck to graveyard to destroy opponents cards

Virus Deck : gonna guess flip effects that deal damage and cards that change attributes/type of monster

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Occult: Zombies, Fiends and Ghosts

Power Deck : No-frickin' clue. Beatsticks?

PCM: Perfect Circle Monarchs, but with Disk Banned they don't do very much. Uses D-Hero Engine combined with Monarchs.

Monster Overload : Makes me think of Chimeratech but could also be Veil of the Underdog Exodia i s'pose.

Lightsworn : Self Milling - Using it to dump Necro Gardnas, Wulf or even Plaguespreader or some other thing that they want in the graveyard -, Swarming and dropping a massive monster on the field.

Self Deck Destruction: Exchange of Spirit OTK

Virus Deck : Uses the Virus' cards to control game, often using cards that modify their own attack such as The Dual Mode Beast.



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Occult :Summon monster from grave like mill

Power Deck :Big monsters

PCM: monarchs

Monster Overload:Field Flood

Lightsworn:Send cards from deck to grave to special summon them

Self Deck Destruction Dech thinner to get cards you do need

Virus Deck :Kill opponent's deck

now gimme monay

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Occult: Zombies, Special Summon from grave

Power Deck : Big monsters

PCM: Is that Perfect Circle Monarchs or Pacman please tell

Monster Overload: Chimeratech Overdragon deck

Lightsworn: Self mill usually to get out JD

Self Deck Destruction : Mill your deck

Virus Deck : revolves around the Virus cards, CCV, DDV, EEV.

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