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~ Unatural War ~ Heralds VS SuperSoldiers PG-16


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Plot: It’s the future and people are the most advanced beings in the solar system. However, people are becoming more advance and are forgetting about their real selves. Most people have implants or are cyborgs, they try to enhance themselves anyway possible without thinking of the risks of it. In a bold attempt to try to redo their effects they created a machine that reverts humans back to their natural selves without implants, though still having their effects. The machine was successful and companies have made copies in a attempt to make super soldiers. Wars have broken out all across the world and cities are being destroyed. People are being slaughtered. The Gods in mythology are looking down at the humans and decided to help them. They sent “Heralds”, Heralds are the messengers of gods. Each one representing a single god. The Heralds must destroy these machines and bring peace back to Earth. Now here’s the real question… Will you help them? Or betray them?






Race(Herald or SuperSoldier):

Side(Good, Neutral, or Evil):

Appearance(Pic or description or Tek Tek avy):


Form(Anarchy or Monarchy. This will be explained later, but basically Monarchy is a controled form of your god's powers while Anarchy is a less controlled form of your god's powers but stronger.):



Abilities(Like magic and such):

Skills(EX: Good Driver, survival skills):

Anything else:




Any Questions? Just PM me.

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