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Well I think that

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no,people shouldn't be restricted to not being able to make cards just because they don't post that much.

post counts do not determine how good you are at card making.

you could have twice as much posts as Avarice and still make the most horrible cards even after spending 10 days on it.

or you could have less than 10 posts and make better cards than DeMeNTeD,although unlikely.


also red alloy:please contribute something to the thread rather than teaching somebody that 3 stars is 150 posts.

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I agree with J0V1. Yes that yugioh guy with the long name was terrible but he's permanently banned. I just saw a level 1's cards and for a noob his cards were great! Plus i believe 3 stars is 250 posts.


how adout 100 posts' date='and thats small compared to other forums like the one in my profile you have to have 1000 posts to give reputation[/font']

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