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Name Holo tut (GIMP)

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I know there must be many name holoing tuts but here is mine.


1. Open GIMP.


2. Open your card.


3. Click the Fuzzy Select Tool(Magic Wand) or press U.


4. Take your time with this! Zoom in onto the name until you only see 1 or 2 letters a time. Make sure you see the whole letter. Select the name with Magic Wand. Hold down Shift while doing it. The entire name. Nothing but the name.


5. Save this holo sheet:



6. Open the holo sheet.


7. Copy the sheet to you clipboard. (Ctrl+C)


8. Go back to your card and right click on the name. Got to Edit>Paste into.


9. The holo sheet should now be in the name. Go to layers and set the mode to Grain Merge.


And that is all it takes! Just move the holo sheet around until it is in the desirable position. Only use with gold or silver names.




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