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Sephiroth Kirby-esque attention grabbing title = win.

Don't be too harsh.


Insert Generic Extra Deck Here

Request Processing...



Request Processed.


Loading Monsters...



[spoiler=Monsters Loaded.]

Monsters: 20

Red Gadget x2

Green Gadget x2

Yellow Gadget x2

Rose, Warrior of Revenge x3

Jutte Fighter x3

AG Gadjitron Dragon x3

AG Gadjitron Chimera x2

Sangan x1

Mole x1

Breaker x1




Loading Spells...




[spoiler=Spells Loaded.]

Spells: 11

RotA x3

Geartown x3

Terraforming x2

MST x1

Heavy Storm x1

Trunade x1




Loading Traps...


[spoiler=Traps Loaded.]

Solemn x3

Royal Oppression x3

Divine Wrath x2

Torrential Tribute x1




Deck Loaded.

Open Folder "I'm Doing This Wrong"


- Comments (Please no LOLOLOLOLOLOL WTF NUB, etc.)

- Fixes (Explained)

Run Help.pl0xxorz.exe

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I love how you're relying on Synchroing and Tribute Summoning, despite having no Special Summon power whatsoever, no defense against attacks other than your handful of Counter Traps, and no Level 4 or lower monsters that can't be run over by something as weak as Dark Grepher (with the possible exception of Breaker, but he isn't as good for Tributing as your Gadgets are, none of which could survive a Battle Phase attack by Snipe Hunter).


I also love how your deck trips over itself with Geartown and Oppression.


Oppression with Gear town is Fun.


'Cause I'm totally not smart enough to not have them out at the same time.




I noticed that you're not running Monster Reborn. Is that an admission that you're too stupid to not activate Monster Reborn while Oppression is face-up on the field?

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