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[YCM] Official EWInventory


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Hi, you probably know me, but if you don't; I'm Faint Brushfire. This is YCM's official EWR Inventory.


I've made 2 Scenario's, one which was a kind of test scenario for me, with no storyline. I named it "WWE continues domination". The other one, I say I've made it, but is still in progress. Read below.


I've recently been working on an EWR Scenario named "WCW Returns!". This is v.1 of the Scenario, however there may be more!


I have plans to make a completely original (meaning, I will completely wipe the EWR Database and work on a Scenario from scratch) EWR Scenario which the topic is undecided. When I have completed that I will reveil my other idea, which I won't tell you, but I will say this: It involves you people, and a lot. :P


[YCM] EWInventory:

[spoiler=(Faint) WWE Continues Domination]

Story: N/A

Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1LBURQ9M



[spoiler=(Faint) WCW Returns!]


2008 - WWE had a great year this year, remaining top of Wrestling buisness with TNA slowly behind.

2009 - WWE decided that having 3 brands wasn't quite enough, and decided that they should bring back WCW.

Shane McMahon disagreeed at first, but then eventually agreeed and said that he was going to stay away from the brand.

It took a while to get sorted, but eventually WWE signed every Superstar that they could to join the WCW roster. They also moved some people such as Chris Jericho, Big Show and Rey Mysterio to the brand.

WWE managed to get 2 shows on The CW, named "WCW Sunday Nitro" on Sunday and "WCW Thunder" on Wednesday.

TNA manages to increase sales and gets more money, while singing a few new Superstars.

2010 - WWE announces the official re-opening of WCW, and shows the 3 new Champions for the brand: WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WCW Television Championship and WCW World Tag Championships.

TNA is surprised at this, and decides to split their roster into brands named "iMPACT" and "STORM". This eventually makes them known as a Global Company.


TNA Championships:

TNA Championship - STORM

TNA World Heavyweight Championship - iMPACT

TNA Television - STORM

TNA X-Division - iMPACT

TNA Legends - Suspended

TNA Tag Team - STORM

TNA World Tag Team - iMPACT

TNA Woman's - Shared between iMPACT and STORM


WWE Championships:

WWE Championship - Smackdown!

World Heavyweight Championship - RAW

ECW Championship - ECW

WCW World Heavyweight Championship - WCW

United States Championship - Smackdown!

Intercontinental Championship - RAW

WCW Television Championship - WCW

WWE Tag Team Championships - Smackdown!

World Tag Team Championships - RAW

WCW World Tag Team Championships - WCW

WWE Divas's Championship - Smackdown!

WWE Woman's Championship - RAW


Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V8KCIE27






Feel free to submit your Scenario's too!


Thanks for reading,



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