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Bleach - Fear the Mask (Vaizard Based Cards)


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Hello there, I'm new here, yoroushiku! :) When I saw the Yugioh Card Maker I thought "Man, this is such a cool idea!" so I made my own cards. I'm very new to this so errors are expected. I tried to make the OCG as good as I could but I haven't played Yugioh in a while, but with the help of some of my cards they should be okay-ish. I tried to make them fairly balanced but once again I need some help with that too. And finally, yes, I am very aware that I am using Fake Types. It just seemed more fun to me to use types like Vaizard and Shinigami. However, I'm not going to be stubborn about it, so if I absolutely must I will change back to the original format and just put Vaizard in the name of each card. The ultimate goal here is to make a bunch of fairly decent cards to play with my cousin, rate please ^_^








Will most likely change Lisa's pic.





There's absolutely no difference between the two Shinji Shields except the gray flash which is why I posted both, which one do you guys like better, huh?


For the Bankai I'm thinking the OCG is a little off, would it be more like "cannot be destroyed for the remainder of the turn" or something like that?


Hollow Mask: This card cannot be Normal Summoned, Special Summoned, or Flip Summoned. This card can only be played by tributing an "Ichigo Kurosaki" or a "Bankai - Ichigo Kurosaki" from your side of the field. When this card destroys a monster due to a result of battle and sends it to the Graveyard inflict damage to your opponents Life Points equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster.



I'm thinking the Binding Pillars might be a little overpowered as a Quick Summon. Anyones opinion on this?


Well that's all of them, hope you enjoyed ^_^ oh and credit time:


Credit to Dattebayo so I can watch Bleach in high quality. I took pictures of the video so they get credit.

And credit to Onemanga for the Hollow Kensei and Hollow Mashiro pics :)





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Battle Phase



Common mistakes..

Thank you ^_^ weird' date=' I could'a swore I capitalized important stuff like that, but yah, I see where I messed up. I'll fixy later.


Just for the record, Ichigo Pure Hollow is terrible.

~_~;; eh-heh, yah, I just noticed that. I think I'ma take it off till' I think of something better :)


Thanks for the rates everyone ^_^

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