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My new Deck


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Can you please tell me where you got the images for assassin of darkness, dragon guardian, dragon slayer LVL 1+2, eclipse armor, elemental hero blaze, goblin fortress, and helios?


Just for future reference you will need to post image credit for each of your cards. If you don't your thread will be closed soon after being posted.


As for your cards there are far too many things wrong with them to begin with.


Assassin of Darkness: A Level 1800 double attacker is broken. 1800 ATK is a good stat range for any monster and the fact that it can ATK twice is too much. Being a dark warrior would make this a staple in the current metagame decks as it works with allure of darkness and can be searched via reinforcement of the army. To make this balanced you need to lower the ATK, probably make it a different type and attribute.


All of your Synchro monsters don't list the tuner+non-tuner combination's so they don't follow the game mechanics of yugioh. You wouldn't be able to summon them at all since they don't follow the rules. Based on how you wrote the summoning conditions this would need to be a regular effect monster.


There's already a blizzard dragon in the OCG so you can't use the name. Also, you can't have flavor text and effect text in one. This isn't magic the gathering so either make it a normal monster with the flavor text or an effect monster and take out the flavor text. You also have two different versions of blizzard dragon with different flavor text.


Normal Synchro monsters don't carry flavor text at all.


Hero transformation needs effect text. You can't have flavor text for a spell card and you couldn't perform a fusion with a spell card and a monster card with polymerization. It needs to be 2 monsters for the fusion to take place or you'll need to create a new spell card to allow the 2 to be fused.


Radiation is ridiculous. This is a 1-sided Black Rose Dragon in a quick-play spell form. Completely ridiculous.


Reflection - There is no such thing as reflect an attack. You probably mean negate an attack but I'm not really sure.


I'm sorry but it appears you don't know how the game mechanics of Yu-Gi-Oh work nor do you know how to word any cards in general. You should really look up real cards and see how they are worded and try to learn from that. Not to be harsh here but you'll need to put in a large amount of effort when making cards otherwise you won't be seeing positive comments for your cards.

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