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Neg Repped for no reason


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I was neg repped because one of my cards uses the same picture as someone else's card. I found the picture on Photobucket. I have the PM's and posts. The neg was from the user "pppgggr". My card "Abyssal Ancient - Sheol" happens to have the same picture as his "Red Eyes the Tormentor". I can forward you the PMs if you want.

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You should not give reps to balance out other reps. That is pointless.


Just wait until a mod remove the rep(s), and you'll be all set.


You're rep spamming if you rep to cancel out other reps.

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You can't Move' date=' Lock or Delete it yourself. Ask a mod.



I meant "I'll move my complaint" and was asking someone to "Lock and delete this"


I canceled out your neg' date=' and negged that guy, thats so childish, negging some one for using the same pic as him


No need to forward the PM's to me. I believe you. I'll neg him ASAP. ;)


I really didn't want him negged, just mine removed. Which is done.

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