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Boing Heh's Unnameable Digimon Fanfic


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You don't see many of these around, you mainly see Pokemon or UGO so I've decide to make one. You'll find out the storyline soon enough...


Prologue: Meet Kai


"Come on, come on, I can't be late for this, it's the big Tamer Registration day," said Kai sprinting towards Tamer Union as fast as he could.

"Yes, I'm almost there, just a few more meters," he thought to himself

Kai had just arrived in time before Agumon closed the registration.

"Are you ready to register, Kai?" asked Agumon with a happy smile on his face.

"Yes, I'm ready!" replied Kai, covered in sweat.

Kai was led to a room with 3 little In-training Digimon all joyfully smiling and playing with each other.

"So, Kai, which Digimon do you want, Tanemon, Tsunomon or Koromon?" asked Agumon.

"Oh I haven't thought this through yet, umm..... Tsu..no wait Tanemon....ummm......Koromon, I want Koromon!" shouted Kai.


So Kai's Adventure began with his trusty Koromon by his side.

They started training right away.......


"Ok Koromon, first battle ever, Lets defeat that Poyomon!!!! Use Charge!!" ordered Kai.

"Yes Kai," said Koromon

Koromon's charge attack knocked out Poyomon with one hit.

"YEAH!!! We won Koromon!!" said Kai

"YEAH... wait, I feel bigger and more powerful." said Koromon

Koromon then spat out a huge glob of frothy spit at hi-speed.

"Uhh...Koromon, lets fight some more." said Kai

This time it was a Motimon who came out of nowhere.

"Koromon, Frothy Spit!!!" shouted Kai at the top of his lungs

"Sure thing buddy," said Koromon

This move knocked out Motimon as well.

"Come on Koro, let's go battle some more," said Kai

"W-Wait, T-T-Tamer, I want to join your team," said the Motimon

"What the.....?" said Kai to himself




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