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The Twilight Stone


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[spoiler=Plot]In the year 4999, a news broadcast is on the TouchT(TV). You look at it and it says the world will end in the year 5000. In order to stop the world from demolishing, you must find this stone. The Twilight Stone. The stone contains all the secrets you need to know about how you can stop the world from exploding. You will find out all the 40 things on the stone which will make the world as calm as it is now. I will not tell you the clues but here is if you need me:


Whenever you get into trouble, use your TouchCell(Celphone) and call me. I will lead you if you get stuck.


Now. It is your time to start the mission. Start it now!





Evil, Neutral, or Good:




Evil: You try to stop the Good guys from putting the world calm.

Neutral: You guys can go on either side at any time

Good: Find the way to get the world in peace. And try to stop the bad guys from getting the world under their hands.


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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Name: Hana Keldromero

Age: 19

Evil, Neutral, or Good: Evil


Robbie will have a hard time doing anything. Also, in 5000, we'll probably have developed intergalactic travel, gas-planet terraforming, and nigh-immortality, so you might wanna turn the clock back three millennia or so. We already have TouchCells, after all; they're just called Blackberries.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Supreme Gamesmaster' date=' i heard that you are one of the best RPers in these forums


You heard right. :twisted:

Meh. But I don't claim to be the best. Ixigo and Umbra still pwn me.

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