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-DJ-'s Sig Gallery - free sigs best sig yet added


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THis is now my new sig gallery I will keep this up to date by weeks you can use any of these sigs for free btw Ill post up to 12 a week


Week one

2zf3dqr.jpgmade this one with very little time-By -DJ-

24edd9f.jpg had 15 minnets and made this one-By -DJ-

110m0m1.jpgTook me an hour and 37 minnets- By -DJ-

2dugpy1.jpgjust plain grunge-By-DJ-

29vbc04.png If I have more time Ill overgo the 5 in a week rule Ill post at leat 1 in2 days this one is in memory of Heath LEdger's last role

2zpjdqe.jpgthis one was done at my cousins house as a request



2hobiw0.jpgdidnt take me very long kinda simp;le.

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I am so proud of you =]


<3 the third a lot' date=' text is really well done. 4th is really nice, very old school but yet it's really nice. 5th isn't really good =/



thanks alot I learned from alot of your tuts

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Omg -DJ-.

Your sigs are awesome except for the Yoshi one.xD But still it shouldnt get stickied because i think its pontless to just see sigs and sigs and sigs.

Its different from Wolves gallery.

Do you take requests?


I agree with that. But if you took requests too and made loads more then maybe.

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