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Kid Ac3 First Contest <_>(Need 6 More) Best Type Cards Contest


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Welcome all to my first contests.I'll accept the first 8 that pay there 2 point entry fee first.There will be 3 rounds and the loser circle. Each round, I will issue a 2 card type and you must make a 2 cards By The END OF THE WEEK.2 competitors will be eliminated each round, leading up to the Finals where the final users will fight for 1st Place.For 3rd Place during the 4th round there will be the (Loser Circle) where the final 6 will post or pm me there best 2 cards and the Winner will be Posted.



[spoiler=Rules]- No spamming/flaming

- No being rude to other competitors

- Only 2 Cards each round

- Don't complain about being kicked out, I know what I'm doing

- If competitor(s) are disqualified for not posting cards, no others will be kicked out


[spoiler=Prizes]- 1st Place: 3 rep, 50 points

- 2nd Place: 2 rep, 25 points

- 3rd Place: 1 rep, 10 points











[spoiler=Post Card Dates]

- Round 1:

- Round 2:

- Round 3:

- Round 4 + (Loser Circle):


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