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New card i made


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Use tags!! We don't want to follow a link or have attachments (luckily' date=' you don't have any).


Yeah, it's very easy use the tags. About the card, the fusion monsters are not in the ", the correct text is:

"Elemental Hero Inferno" + "Elemental Hero Bladedge"

This card can only be Fusion Summoned with "Dark Fusion" and the correct fusion material monsters. If this card battles an non-fire monster, this card gains 1500 ATK during the Damage Step only.


The text is bad, but the image is good.

Oh! Also, if it's an Evil Hero, it must be an Fiend-type

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uve got ur fusion material monsters listed wrong. it shouldnt be "Elemental Hero Inferno +Elemental Hero Bladedge" it should be "Elemental Hero Inferno" + "Elemental Hero Bladedge" two seperate entities, not one in the same set of parenthasese. shoulda listened to andres and changed it when u changed it to the fiend type.





click my eggs

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