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meet the new nightmare

PKMN master

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Well, is spirit, not sprit. If it's treted as an spirit monster, it must have teh spirits effects, or not? Be better with the text.

PD: Its not darkrai?


Edit: Just calm down, I just entered the forum only a minutes ago, and, yeah, its true what you says...............considering how are the cards that are in any other cards, an 8.5/10 or an 9/10 is something good, i can't decide.

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OMIGOD!! Just stop!!


Seriously, use ONE THREAD for all of these, and they all suck:


Names are ridiculous.

Pics are the only thing that's good, and even they suck a little.

Levels are too large.

Effects are horrible, overpowered, and have bad OCG.


LEARN to cardmake BEFORE you do, and use ONLY ONE thread!! One more time, and i WIL Neg Rep you.


0/10 for EVERY CARD

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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