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YCM Car Freaks

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[align=center]Hello all,

The main point of this club is to talk about cars. We will hold contests and help members with their Card Making Skills. You must complete the form below to become a member. If you continue to post here and didn't complete the form, I will report you to a mod.


There will be 7 Ranks (See Ranks Spoiler) in which members will be placed in. To work your way up, you must have done something terrific (Eg. Made a banner for the club, beaten someone higher in league in a contest.)


[spoiler= Form]


Favorite Brand Of Car:

Favorite Car:

Why Do You Want To Join This Club:



[spoiler= Ranks]

[spoiler= Rookie]Primal Release



[spoiler= League 5]



[spoiler= League 4]



[spoiler= League 3]



[spoiler= League 2]



[spoiler= League 1]



[spoiler= World Class]



[spoiler= YCM Elite]♦Yoshimoto ZX♦



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