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Valhalla Battlegrounds (PG-13 for Violence and Language)


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[align=center]The realm of Asgard was known as the afterlife for the strongest warriors. When they would pass on they would find themselves in front of the golden gates. Behind them lied Asgard. On the ground, there were fountains of nectar and beer. In the skies, Valkyries flew protecting the areas in a majestic manner. You wouldn't see too many people loitering for long for this was because most people in Asgard were in the halls of Valhalla. Here they partook in battles all day, and ate at evening, and then in the morning they repeated this.


Running this land was Odin, and underneath him were many other gods. They too enjoyed battle, and made sure to usually give the mortals a fair chance. Of course the god's have their enemies. Across the nearby river lies Jötunheimr, land of the giants. It is advised that this place is avoided. Below the mighty Asgard was Midgard, land which the mortals had lived.


Baldr, god of light and beauty, was becoming bored with the daily runnings of Asgard. The same warriors fought in the same field of battle everyday. The beer was plain compared to what it once was. He wanted a quick spice up. He ran the idea he had up with Odin. Odin had no objections, and they put their plan into action.


Down on Midgard the mightiest of fighters were suddenly finding themselves warped to this realm of Asgard. Without warning they were just swept away. They would then be dropped in front of the gates of Asgard. There, Valkyries would explain to them that are being given a glimpse into their possible after life, a chance to fight against new opponents, and a chance to just have a good time. Death should not be feared on the battlegrounds, for when slayed there, you are reborn in the eating halls good as new.


Not all is safe in Asgard though. Aside from the fact that they do not descriminate between a holy warrior and an evil warrior, there are also stronger forces with evil intent. Some gods such as Loki are aposed to peace and order. Being such as giants and monsters dwell not too far from the fighters. With the gods having their hands fill, will anyone try and use this as an opportunity?[/align]



Rules and Such:


If you are willing to join this RP, please PM your profile. More than one character is allowed. I'd like all profiles to have at least the following information. Once I accept you, you may post the profile here, and begin posting yourself.














Fighting style:










More is surely appreciated, but this is the minimum. It doesn't have to be in this order either, as long as it includes these things. You may begin posting as soon as I accept you. I will deny you if you're profile shows you may be overpowered, if it isn't detailed enough, or if we have too many people (doubt this will happen).


For first posts, you can just say you were suddenly teleported to Asgard. You will be in the front of the gate, and the Valkyries will be there to explain things. If you want or if it's in your character's personalty to, ask more questions. I will be in charge of the NPC's such as the Valkyries or gods. Don't worry, I won't be using them for my personal gain or anything.


If you do not post within a week, first offense will be a warning, and you actions will be ignored. Second offense will result in being kicked out of this RP. If you need to take a week or more for something like a vacation, give a warning, and don't be in the middle of anything important when you stop, thank you. Other normal rules apply, no god modding, no auto hitting, etc... You are allowed to kill, since people will be reborn, so no need for the other person's permission.

Name: Raizou Jappio (Raziou is pronounced "Lie zo")


Gender: Male and is noticebly male.


Species: Meta-human. He still looks human, but his body can take electrical shock and heat damage unlike a normal body.


Place of Residence: Asgard, but often is in a new universe.


Age: 760 (Looks 34). This is due to the fact that when he died and went to Asgard, he stayed the age of his death. In Asgard, one does not age, so he has remained this age for a long time. Every time he enters a new realm, he is placed in a new body, one identical to his Asgardian one.


Birthday: January 30


Height: 6' 5"


Weight: 240 lbs, most of which is muscle, but under an Asgardian diet, some of this can be fat. Yet he isn't anywhere near "unhealthy".


Hair: His hair is Brown/dirty blond color. He keeps it cut to a medium length. He rarely combs it and doesn't use fancy shampoos or anything, so it can be quite "messy".


Eyes: A dull sap green.


Identifying Marks: Raizou does not have any identifying marks, and when he does get one it won't stay forever, due to the fact his body is renewed multiple times.


Musculature: He is noticeably strong and muscular. His arms and chest are probably his strongest muscles, due the fact he wields and axe, and prefers most upper body fighting. This though doesn't mean he can't kick hard. Raizou is much stronger than the average man. He can wield his heavy battle axe single handed, set his crossbow without a crank, and packs quite a punch. Raizou though lacks certain types of muscles, he isn't that good of a runner, and isn't the brightest of folks.


Allignment: Neutral/Good: This is a hard place to peg Raizou. Its hard since Raizou goes to many different worlds with many different laws. Raizou is fully lawful with Thor's laws, and mostly lawful under Asgardian law. Raizou in other worlds will try to follow the rules he knows and the rules he can, but will break them if they in some way prevent him from what he wants. Raizou is not evil, and will help if evil shows its face. Raizou doesn't seek to defeat evil, and his love for fighting could be viewed as evil as some, so he isn't holy or fully good.


Blood Type: A, Raizou himself does not know this though.




Raizou loves fighting in general. He doesn't love the violence or killing, merely the sport of it all. His love and skill in battle is what allowed him into Asgard. Outside of battle Raizou does what most other Asgardians do, eat, drink, and party. Having died and lived in Asgard, Raizou takes life very easily, knowing that it's best to live it up.Outside of battle he'll probably be searching for a way to battle, or relaxing until his next battle.


The only other side of Raizou is his religious side(Norse), and preaches often and fights in the name of Thor. Raizou preaches only because of it being his job. He still strongly believes in it, since after all it is 100% true for him (seeing is believing after all). Raizou isn't quite the preacher that comes door to door, but he does try to convert when he can. Raizou is completely loyal to Thor, and does anything Thor says.


In battle Raizou is very honorable, does not do sneak attacks, and fights under agreed terms. He does not think little of his opponents and usually expects a good fight out of them. He can be described as a battle maniac, only thinking about battle itself. If fighting with a team, he will listen to instruction and go through with their strategy, not being big on strategy himself. He will not knowingly abandon an allie in need, but his battle hunger can lead to him not noticing his allie's needs.


Family: Long dead, but Raizou has several children, but does not live with them.


Love Relationships: Hone. He has been with women, but never gets attached since he leaves the universe they are from. In Asgard though, he considers a relation with one of the Valkyries, but does not think it a good idea to start anything and would rather concentrate on other matters.


Fighting style:


His initial fighting style is with his axe. Raizou has trained long and hard with axes, and has grown used to their heavy weight. He can swing most axes single-handedly. Truly his most devastating attacks are done with it. He also uses it not only as a weapon, but as a shield and ram. Raizou doesn't have a named style for using his axe, but it definitely is effective.


FIghting with his fists, Raizou uses an interesting style of Muay Thai and makes sure to pay special attention to grapples. With his strong attack, muay thai is an excellent style for him. The grapples also add a nice chance for Raizou to discharge his electricity. With his gauntlets, his punches do extra damage. The spikes on the gauntlets can also be jabbed into the opponent, great for damage and grappling.


Raizou final fighting style is his crossbow. Raizou isn't the most skilled with the weapon, but has found it useful in the past. His aim and precision aren't the best, but with the ability to set the crossbow without a crank, he can easily reload bolts. The bolts are conductive, which does nicely for stunning.




Raizou has not much on in the way of clothing. He has on iron chain mail leggings, with a pair of wool shorts, non-flamable (for decency). He also wears a pair of steel gauntlets. The specialty of the gauntlets though are the two sharp hooks on the ends of each. They are therefore being able to dig in and get caught in armor, clothing, and or flesh. On occasion Raizou will also have on steel toed boots.




Axe: A mixture of Labrys and battle axe desion, a large steel doubleheaded axe. Its strong and durable design make it hard to break. Within the normal pole of the axe, are actually two poles, twisted around eachtoher. It is heavier than other battle axes of its size, but Raizou can still swing it one handed if needed. The blades of the axe head roughly resemble a lightning bolt. The thing in total is 6ft long and has an axe head that 2ft by 1 ft. Picture for reference.




Morphic Shield: Raizou has donned a shield given to him by the dwarfs in Asgard. The shield itself he usually does not use, due to the fact it is strapped to his back. The shield almost can cover his entire back. The main abnormal quality of the shield is that it can change shape. He can make it morph through thought from a kite style shield to a round shield, and into many other shapes. It can not gain or lose mass, so when large it is quite thin and when it's smaller, it becomes much more dense. The main useful property though Raizou uses for is its tough durability and power to absorb magic. Normally Raizou will wear it to battle quite large, guarding most of his back. The shield itself is of course conductive. When Raizou needs to be more mobile though, he will shrink it down in size.


Crossbow: Raizou's crossbow is an interesting model. It's the style that requires a crank, but does not have one. Raizou carries a quiver full of normal steel bolts. At times Raizou carries in a special non conductive container a special bolt. It appears to be a normal bolt, but is laced with explosives on the inside. When combined with an electric spark, it will explode soon after. Boltz merely uses it as his trump card, due to the fact it is quite dangerous, require great precision, and views it as a weapon that is too inhuman.




Raziou has few powers, but the one he does have is his greatest strength. Raizou can basically be described as a battery. He is able to take in and discharge electricity. At all times he has a constant charge, he is able to use this offensively and defensively.


Taking in electricity is one part of this power. Raizou can hold large amount at one time, and take in large amounts too. Raizou though needs too avoid extremely large amounts, due to the fact that eventually the amount of electricity coming in can be too great, and the heat produced can also become too much. Raizou needs only to come in contact with something with an electric charge to be able to drain it. Raizou also is able to draw electrical attacks and lightning in general towards him, acting as a conductor. Lightning storms are one way Raizou recharges himself. Raizou though can also inversely push electricity away from him too, avoiding lightning attacks and storms.


For discharging electricity Raizou used multiple ways. Raizou does not shoot lightning; he can, but due to the fact that air isn't a very good conductor, it takes a lot of electricity to. Raizou instead discharges his electricity with direct contact. This can be used offensively. With every punch, axe swing, crossbow bolt, and every other one of his attacks he can add an electrical charge. This is why he specializes in having equipment that is conductive, so he can discharge electricity through it. He can also use his discharge power defensively. Every time an enemy touches him with their own body, or with a weapon that is conductive, the enemy can be shocked.


Talking to God:


Being Thor's disciple, Raizou is able to speak to him. Thor though will almost never aid Raizou in anyway, merely give orders. Raizou usually only asks for orders, or if he can return if the world he is in no longer has anything to give. Thor though isn't constantly watching Raizou, having other things to attend to.


Electrical 6th Sense:


Raizou is able to feel the electric fields around him. Much like electric eels, Raizou is able to feel and sense where things are through this electric feel. It does take concentration to it, and so Raizou only turns to it if he is need of it, such as if he cannot see.


Warrior's Rebirth:


Being an important disciple of Thor and a great warrior, anytime Raizou dies with his own honor intact, he is brought back to Asgard. On almost every occasion of death, Raizou will not be permitted to return to the world he was just in. Raizou will not return to Asgard if he shows cowardice, unhonorable behavior, or has forsaken any other Asgardian ways. If Raizou preforms a lesser offense though, Raizou in some way will be punished. Be this multiple years of training in Asgard on the battle grounds, or being sent to Jogenheim to fight frost giants.


Heat Resilience:


With the constant electricity going in and out of his body, Raizou needs protection from the heat. It is such that all the heat coming from the electricity is nulled to an extent. Raizou though is not impervious to heat, and will take damage from it, but still some reduction will take place.




Raizou was once a mighty warrior. Within his old dimension he was one of many soldiers. After a large battle he was the only one left of his men. There was still a large enemy force left, but he fought on. After killing many, but not enough, he was finally slayed. After dieing though it wasn't over for him. He awoke in front of a magnificent gate. He was welcomed in and shown around. He was now in the mighty land of Asgard. Raizou had been brought here due to his excellency on the field of battle. Raizou fit right in with the rest. By day fighting, he quickly showed that he was one of the mightiest of warriors there.


One day upon the battle field he met blows with none other than Thor. The battle was over pretty quickly, Thor being the victor. Later Thor approached him and told him he had great potential.

Thor went on to say that he needed a disciple, someone to act as his representer. Thor wanted to train Raizou, teach him new abilities, and send him off to worlds and spread the word that is Thor. Thor needed someone to preach the ways of Asgard, because as a God, Thor wasn't allowed to go to other realms and meddle. Yet there were no rules against sending disciples. Raizou wasn't sure, but Thor promised that it would be through battle that Raizou would be showing the way of the Asgardians.


Raizou accepted and went through training. Raizou was taught more than fighting though, he was given his electrical powers. Thor trained him in these powers, and taught him the things he was capable of. Raizou started to change up his style of fighting a bit, got his new equipment to accompany the new powers. He still was no where near the level that Thor was on, but he learned a lot. Raizou over all never really gained much over a human being. He was truly only a meta-human.


Soon Raizou now traveled realm to realm, converting all he could. Thor grew pleased with his new disciple. Of course Raizou would have to go through great training and punishments when he had failed something. Raizou learned a lot of his powers, and soon they were second nature to him.



Below I have references pictures of my character a few things:







Name: Dimitri Von Heimndorf


Species: Half-Elf


Gender: Male


Age: 26

Date of Birth: January 14th.


Birthplace: Castberry.


Alignment: Neutral Evil

Martial Status/ Love Interest: None. Does not believe in love, would only merry for power.


Residence: His manor deep in the forest. Rarely leaves. Has maid go out to town to gather supplies and research materials.


Occupation: Painter, poet, pianist.


Economic Class: Wealthy


Likes: Power, the fine arts, and solitude.


Dislikes: The good. He finds compassion and any sign of weakness sickening.


Family: All dead.


Friends: Only person who can be considered his friend is Emily, his maid.


Rivals: None.


Enemies: None anymore, they were all killed.


Fears: Nothing horribly large, although he does have an issue with holy magic.


Criminal Record: Is not charged with anything.


Miscellaneous Facts: Is missing his hands and 1/4 of his forearms.




Has access to multitude of spells. He can use 6 different elemental spells, combinations of some of those spells, and higher "arch" forms of those basic spells. It is required of him to unlock their power through chant. He also can only release these spells from where his hands would be, and he has no control over the release of the power due to his past. Due to this, his "arm maces" absorb the power of the magic, so he can still use the magic without too much issue. This though means most of the spells are close combat spells. Dimitri knows far more spells, but is unable to use any due to his lack of hands. His magic drains his stamina a good amount, and he will become tired faster the more magic he uses.


Basic Spells:


Dark: "Essence of evil, darkness, despair. Gather forth and swallow my enemies into Hell." Being evil, Dimitri can use powerful dark magic. He can focus this dark magic into the Arm Maces so each one of his attacks has a dark attribute added in.


Fire: "Flames of gods. Gather forth and incinerate my foes." This power heats up the metal of the Arm Maces. This attack though will also heat up the inside, scorching Dimitri also, so he avoids the attack unless it is needed.


Lightning: "Power of the storms, smiting tool of gods. Aid me in this battle." The Arm Maces are serged with electricity, which is discharged with each one of his attacks.


Earth: "Mother earth, may you strike at my opponent with great force." He hits the ground with this power, sending a large chunk of the earth hurling at the opponent.


Wind: "Whirling grace that is in the air all around us, let me flow as you do." This spell forces wind all around Dimitri to make him lighter and swifter. He can even jump higher.


Water: "Wonderful gift of water. May you sustain my life as you sustain all life." This spell can stop bleeding, pain, and poisons. It doesn't do a full cure, but can at least slow the effects. Also can increase muscle strength and clear and focus the mind.



Combinations Spells:


Wind + Lightning: "Sounding boom that warns of damage. Sounding boom that strikes fear to all. Sounding boom bring assault upon my enemy." By bashing together the two Arm Maces Dimitri creates a powerful and loud sound blast. It takes some time to power up but is powerful sound wave, even able to push lighter objects around, and cause temporary deathness.


Earth + Fire: "May this gift be laid below the soil. May this power lay dormant. May this attack strike sudden and powerfully." Dimitri slams an Arm Mace into the ground. This causes a temporary quake, but nothing too strong. Dimitri than has three seconds to move away from the spot. After the three second, if anything with enough life force, chi, energy, or whatever you want to call it gets within range, the ground will erupt in a fiery explosion. Think basically a proximity mine. The ground where the mine is laid is not noticeable unless you can sense the magic that is compressed there.


Water + Lightning: "Gather forth powers of the sky. May you strike my enemies and not myself. I lay the decision of this to you." This spell isn't a favorite of Dimitri's since it does not help him too much. If the conditions are right, he can make it so a storm is formed and he is protected from it.


Water + Fire: "Scorching flames set forth. Loving waters protect myself. Two opposing forces, one powerful spell." Does the same as the fire spell, but this one makes it so it does not burn Dimitri. It allows him to make the Arm Maces much hotter than he normally would. The flames can get so hot the metal can glow almost white, and flames can even become present.


Earth + Lightning: "May the forces that move the earth move in the way I see fit. May the energies of the world move in the way I see fit. Retract and detract, all will move to my accord." Causes his Arm Maces to become magnetic. He only casts this on one of the Arm Maces since doing it to both would make them attract or detract from each other.


Arch Spells:


Dark: "May the dark forces that be set forth destruction. I will wield these powers, so all can be destroyed. I am your loyal servant darkness, now let me be the tool to do your bidding!" Same as the other dark spell. The main difference is now Dimitri can stop and charge dark energy into the Arm Maces, and then they will suddenly release dark waves. This attack has a large range, and will even hit Dimitri, although Dimitri can withstand dark energy plenty fine since he is evil.


Fire: Has yet to discover one that works for him.


Lightning: Has yet to discover one that works for him.


Earth: "The fools who stand before me doubt your might. May you take revenge upon them, strike them swiftly and hard. I am willing to help with the task, just allow me your strength and it will be done." Like the previous spell he slams an Arm Mace into the ground. This time though the ground jettison stalagmites out, in an attempt to pierce the enemy. Makes up to three and in a line towards opponent.


Wind: "Gale force winds summon here. May your might be shown gracefully but brutally. Let none escape the might of this attack. I shall wield this power as a show of our bond." By slamming his fists against the ground, a powerful force of wind is launched from the ground, or from the sky. If it is from the ground, everything on the battlefield is pushed and pulled up. Lighter things will actually fly in the air. The other pushes things downwards, as if gravity has been increased. It is used mostly to make his opponents caught off guard, not being used to change in weight.


Water: Has yet to discover one that works for him.



Other Spells:


Cosmic Judgment: "Essence that is power itself. Come to me and form in my unworthy hands. Let me walk your path and cause all before me to fall. I am pledging my body and soul to you, as a offering for you to do me this single task. Now lets go, into this fight, leaving the enemy down, and us with victory!" Dimitri's strongest attack. It gathers non attributed power into one of his Arm Maces. Energy can be visible with out any power. Dimitri has to concentrate hard to keep all the energy from releasing. Dimitri then with one last punch needs to hit the opponent. He then utters the final part of the chant, "Cosmic Judgment!" and all the energy explodes in all directions. The strength of this spell will cause Dimitri to completely run out of strength, and he can even strengthen at the cost of his life. After this attack, Dimitri has no chance of escaping, Emily not able to carry him away. This attack hopefully though will leave the opponent dead or equally down for the count.


Devil's Deal: "This being is now given the choice. They may now offer their eternal soul to me. They will forever serve me, never question me, and do all in their power for me. If I am gone, they will be gone with me. They may never return to their previous state unless willed by the owner of the soul. Does thou except?" A powerful spell. Dimitri though does not need to flow the spell through his hands, since all that is required the release of magic to summon the Reaper himself. Once the reaper is summoned, the other party present then has the choice to forfeit their soul. If they do with all their heart and are content with the offer, they will. Dimitri can also add in any alternative deals. If the person forfeiting their soul will only do so after Dimitri does a curtain task, the reaper can hold Dimitri to that deal if Dimitri excepts. Dimitri has only used this once, with Emily.




He has good resistance to magic, especially dark. He also has decent enough agility, acrobatics, and strength due to his conditioning with the Arm Maces. Is also quite refined, smart, sauve, and has great charisma.

Middle Ground:


His endurance is Ok, although with spells it drops much quicker. The strength of his spells are OK, especially considering the seal on his magic. Holy attacks are strong in nature against Dimitri, but his resistance to magic nulls that part out.




Lacks a lot of the range most mages have. Also has no hands, so many things become difficult, like being unable to pick up a sword. Also is not that great at taking hits, pretty low defenses and constitution. His arrogance and goal can often blind his common sense.




He can be quite arrogant. He thinks himself better than everyone else, and thinks he can easily rule over them. He finds things like pity and weakness sickening and believes only the strong should rule. He does not show concern for the weak's life if they do not aid him anyway. He doesn't kill and do bad for no reason, only when he sees it fit. He is also very uncaring for companionship in general. He much more prefers to lock himself up in his manor and enjoy fine arts or make his own work of arts. He has been this way since a child.




As an overall term, a handsome devil describes him well. Overall he looks quite dashing, but evil at the same time. As an elf he has the signature pointy ears. He has long black hair in a pony tail reaching down to his upper back. His eyes are a light blue, almost seem as if they glow, this is a feature all in his family have. He also wears a small pair of glasses, but they are only needed for reading, but he wears them constantly.


He wears a red cape, the kind with a collar (think Dracula type cape). He also wears a very nice black suit, with white thrills coming from the neck and sleeves. He wears nice dress pants and shoes and looks quite noble. Underneath the over coat is a white shirt. Depending on what he is doing he will be wearing a pair of fake hands. If though he knows he might get into confrontation, he will wear his arm maces. If prepared for battle, he'll generally remove the cape or coat, depending.


In generaly Emily helps him with dressing and preparing him for battle. With his lack of hands, he requires Emily alot, although he doesn't like to have to depend on someone in such ways.


Emily usually wears stereotypical maids outfit. Her eyes have no pupils and are gray like the stereotypical body with no soul. She rarely expresses emotion, still shows fake emotion though so in town no one gets too curious. She has blond hair tied up going down to her lower back. She stands and moves very elegantly.




As a young boy Dimitri always resented his family. Sure on the outside he seemed happy. His family was large and extended. They lived outside the town of Castberry, and they tried to be excepted. The people living there feared them though for their powers. Dimitri's views were the ones the people they feared. The people were afraid that they would attack the village and take over. Dimitri though waited and watched.


Within the family Dimitri was seen as a prodigy. By the age of 8 had learned to play the piano so well, able to play famous works. By 10 he had learned some of the harder to learn spells. Dimitri's father was proud of the young boy, but Dimitri only faked any love back to him. Dimitri lived life in a lie, pretending to enjoy the life there. He went to school, he had supposed friends.


At the age of 11 he already had another girl promising her love to him. Emily really love Dimitri. She would go to his house and listen to his poetry and piano playing. She would get help with her homework from him and she really enjoyed their time. Dimitri didn't see the point in it all, and just acted nice in return.


Then at the age of 12 he was sick of it all. He knew the whole family was weak. He wanted them gone, and decided it was time. In the night he snuck to the village. He told them that their father was planning to attack them soon, but that if they attacked two weeks later, they could probably get the right jump on them. Two weeks later as planned, the village attacked. Dimitri was up when they launched their attack, it was very late, the whole manor was sleeping. He was ready to escape. Outside the villagers began their assault, they began by setting the house on fire and charging in. The house soon caught on fire and Dimitri simply strolled out. He was sure to kill off any of the family that had survived. In the main hall many of family and servants laid dead. He walked over the bodies and headed out. From below the ruble his father laid bloody, dieing.


The old man called to his son, explained what was going on, and asked him to help. Dimitri though just smirked. He told his father what he thought of his weakness, told him this attack was all his plan. The father grew furious, he couldn't believe his own son this whole time could be this cruel. He knew he couldn't let him get away, his heart was too impure. After calling out some holy chants, a bright light struck from the sky. It instantly incinerated off Dimitri's hands. His father knew Dimitri was too powerful, he did all he could with the last of his power.


Dimitri was able to escape. Yet when he tried to use magic, all the energy could not focus and would blast out in all directions. His hand weren't just severed, but the flow of his magic was deeply impaired. Dimitri angry shouted to the sky as fell to the ground, the loss of blood getting to him. He awoke in the hospital. The doctor looked down on the boy, with a look of pity. Dimitri was explained of the situation. Dimitri was not happy though. His whole plan would be he would rule over the family name on his own. With out his magic though, he questioned if it was possible. Emily came often to be with him. Dimitri though just acted coldly, viewing the pity as a weakness, but was much too frustrated to do anything about it and accepted her help.


Two years after the incident he was back in the family manor. He had inheritted everything of course being the last remaining member of the family. Using the left over riches he was able to pay people to keep care of the house and him at first. He grew more and more sick of all the pity. He knew he would have to seize more power, he had to undo this seal somehow. Emily was over often, helping him whenever she could. She seemed to truly love him. She didn't even know about him hating the family.


At age 16 he had finished designing the arm maces and had Emily take some left over mithril to the smith in town. Dimitri this whole time did a lot of research. He knew of the spell his father used, and knew there was no known way to undo it. With the knew arm maces he trained so he could once again fight. He relearned what magics could work, and by age 19 he was ready to fight again.


His ability to the play the piano and to paint were lost with his hands, but he was quickly regaining them. Emily happily helped him craft fake hands that would allow to once again practice his arts. Emily was by his side more and more. Dimitri thought of this and questioned how far she would go to help him. Dimitri despised the pity though, despised her notion of love. He started to do some research, he wanted to keep her willingness to help, but rid her of her weakness. One day Dimitri invited her over. He asked how much Emily loved him, how much she was willing to help him. She confessed anything and Dimitri went on and asked if she would still stand by him even after knowing about the truth behind his families death. Emily was shocked, but still said she would stand by his side. Dimitri knew she would do anything, so he asked if she would forfeit her soul for him. Emily was too blinded by her own love, she accepted it. After having the ritual set up, Dimitri said the words, and Emily offered her soul to him. With her soul she became emotionless, and now followed his words exactly, she was now his soulless slave.


With Emily now no longer blinded by her feelings, Dimitri made more efforts to gain strength. At age 21 he was showing signs of actually regaining his standings as a powerful man once again. Since this all Dimitri has lived in solitude, researching of how to fix the seal. At time he would leave the manor, with Emily to search for a way to fix the seal. He defeated many and tried to undo the seal, but nothing has worked.


Dimitri remains scornful against the world. He ignores his lack of hands and shows he is still plenty powerful without them. He lives only with Emily in his manor, waiting for more information to come up.



Arm maces: These two large heavy pieces of equipment are on his arms. Using a series of straps they are positioned on his forearms. They are 2' long and 7" in diameter. Being made from mithril these weapons absorb magic well. They were designed so they could absorb all the loose magical flow from Dimitri so he could still use controlled magic. Covering the surface are small sharp edges. The weapon is compared to a cheese grater by amateurs. Dimitri swings his arm maces around as if they were natural arms due to the fact they are light and he has been practicing with them since he was 16. These weapons were designed and name by Dimitri himself.


He has no fighting style with these weapons and mostly just does plain basic attacks with them. This is not to say Dimitri is unexperienced in battle and not capable of having a style, he just self taught and uses a very unorthodox style that has no name due to the obscure weapons.


With his lack of hands he doesn't have much more on him. Instead though his maid has many things on her. She carries first aid supplies, and things necessary to make quick fixes to the arm maces. She also carries some of the more important fake hands he has, so he could continue to play the piano, write, and paint. One comes in a pencil holding pose, the other good for painting, two that he can use for the piano, and some that looked like gloved hands (just so for looks, no function).


Below are some reference drawings. I have a drawn and pixeled art for drawings of the Arm Maces. I also have a sprite edit of what my character mostly looks like and some doodles.






((Both accepted =P))




Raizou woke up. He had fallen asleep in the hall against a wall. He remembered last night there was a huge party, he ate a ton, and there was much fun. Raizou didn't know what for, apparently the announcement was made while he was still out battling. He was use to finding himself asleep there, he really wore himself out on the battle field. Everyone was up and about. He noticed Baldr was up on the podium ordering people around.


"Lord Baldr, what is going on here?" Raizou asked.


"You should know, were you not paying attention when we announced it." Baldr said, not bothering to make eye contact as he told people where to go.


"No, I was busy battling when it happened." Raizou said. Raizou said it with a proud tone though, in Asgard such a dedication to battle was an honorable trait.


"Oh, well we have mortals from Midgard coming by. I am the one who thought of it. I decided we needed to change things up. So now we are having them come fight. So I hope you enjoy it warrior." Baldr told Raizou as he went back to his duties.


Raizou knew he had to be ready for this. He quick went to find his quarters to gather gear. He was ready to happily take up fights with new opponents.




Dimitri was shocked at first. He was just in the middle of traveling to a town he had heard may have a way to fix his seal. Emily seemed totally unphased by this. He saw the Valkyrie and walked over to her. She had explained the situation and Dimitri walked in with Emily, he started to ponder. He had read of Asgard, but never thought such a land could exist. He then thought about how he could do something with this.


"Well my dear, it looks like there could be a way to fix my problem here instead. If this is Asgard and they have gods, I might be in luck." Dimitri said looking to Emily, he then motioned her to follow him as he started to wonder around Asgard looking from building to building.


"Yes master." Emily said as she followed. Obviously the gods were nice enough to bring Emily along, even though she only knew a slight bit of self defense.



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((It would be nice if you didn't just jump in here and ask random questions. Being that we are in Asgard and Loki is around, the possibility that Fenrir is here is very high. If I involve the demon wolf though is completely up to the people who join. If I view that at anytime it would make sense that Loki would sick Fenrir upon the warriors at some point, I will. Also I'm pretty sure you're suppose to talk in parentheses where talking about stuff like this.))

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((Well some places allow the parenthesis as OoC, and you still didn't use those anyways =P. Can't wait to see your profile. Now only if someone else came to join. Also what do you mean by didn't expect a good RP from me? Do I exude lack of RP capability?))

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