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wierdest coolest blue eyes ultimate dragon mod ever


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ok, this card is kind of complicated. I just based it on the idea that each counter is one head, just like in the first season where each head was destroyed one at a time.




Blue Eyes Assault Dragon

Light, lv12


Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3



When this card is summoned, place 3 counters on it. (Max. 3) Every time this card would be destroyed by battle, instead remove one counter from this card. Damage calculation is applied normally. This card loses 500 ATK every time a counter is removed. Destroy this card when there are no counters on it. When you activate a card that designates a monster can be Special Summoned from the graveyard, you can instead place 1 counter on this card. Instead of your normal attack, you can change this card's attack points to 3000 until the end of your Battle Phase to attack once for each counter on this card.


likey? if this were a real card, you'd probably need a magnifying glass to read it, lol....

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