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Bill Maher's "Religious"...


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I just got done watching this and I'm kind of dissapointed about it. Primarily the entire plot of the movie is him going around and trying to figure out why people are religious. Throughout the course of the movie I'm thinking, "I wish I was being interviewed right now..." To put it in simplest terms, Bill Maher runs around and insults relgion and promotes atheism and evolutionist ideals. Which is fine with me. I don't see why he shouldn't be allowed. But... the way he goes about doing it is kind of repulsive. The idea he promotes is that no one knows what will happen and that it's safest to go with the idea that makes more sense.


But I can't help but wonder; how can he consider one idea any more valid than the other when he considers the latter to be open for belief but ridiculous in practice? I mean... He contradicts himself throughout the entire movie and continuously uses anecdotes to describe his views on religion. It's kind of ... stupid.


But I will concede to the fact that he is right for the most part. However, he doesn't particularly allow a counter-argument. He constantly interrupts and distracts the person who is trying to provoke their belief, and all he does is provide a sarcastic retort throughout ever argument. And if anyone else makes a joke besides him, he looks at them like they're stupid.


Now, the entire basis behind this movie is that he doesn't believe in Miracles, thusly he doesn't believe in god. But I mean... couldn't the miracles be a work of our original god anyway because he's god and he can do everything?


I don't know. This has completely flipped out of proportion throughout me typing it.


tl;dr: If you haven't watched Bill Maher's "Religious", it's worth a watch. It's open to a couple views that you might not be open to right now. I wouldn't reccommend it for heavy evangelists unless you are... okay with constant ridicule of your beliefs. :/


Basically this is just a discussion of the movie.

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