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YCM Voucher Store | Currently Available for: 3 stores | You may add here

Black Rose Phoenix®

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YCM Voucher Store | Currently Available for: 3 stores | You may add here



Hello YCMers, i have come up with the idea to treat some stores by credit, but this mostly benefits in all ways, read on to find out full details.


[spoiler=The Creation Of YCM Vouchers, Terms and Conditions:]

Paragraph 1 | What it's for:

Ok, basically, you can buy a voucher for any of the stores this voucher operates, then you can use it in the stores of give to another YCMers, if you decide to give it to them, you must sign up for that voucher in that members name to support the security system (look at paragraph:3).

You may buy what ever you want until the voucher runs out of credit, the shop owners will report to me each time you spend it, and it will be taken off.


Paragraph 2 | Your benefits from this:

Your benefit is that you can buy it and use it, except you get to buy it for less than it's worth, think of it as an exchange rate, you change some of your points for something valid that’s worth more...heres the exchange rate used in it;


Vouchers rate:

5 points: 20% less

10 points: 10% less

20 points: 10% less

25 points: 20% less

50 points: 10% less

100 Points: 30% less


I'll add the prices in a minute.

Sound good yet??


Paragraph 3 | Security:

It will be pointless just sending the IMG codes to everybody, because the security system stops more than 1 person using it. On the side of the voucher, there is a code, once you buy it, I put the security code and your name together in a list, once you use it, I will cross of the name and keep the security code so it isn't used again, also when a person uses it, the shop owner will contact me and tell me and I will see if it's a match, if not, I shall neg the buyer twice for releasing the code...

This means it is fully copyrighted and is impossible to counter fit.


Paragraph 4 | The Voucher:

Here is an example, yes the code is crossed off, and will never be able to be used again unless put in an example...


[spoiler=The Vouchers Original Design:]





This is only the rough it is still being worked out.




Now that we are understood about the system, I shall add all the lists;






Shops That Run By Voucher Code


2. 「InFiniteX」



Voucher Price:

5 Point Voucher: 4 Points

10 Point Voucher: 9 Points

20 Point Voucher: 18 Points

25 Point Voucher: 22 Points

50 Points Voucher: 45 Points

100 Points Voucher: 70 Points


Prices will change for cheaper and expense and will also have sales to get cheaper.



Voucher Request Form


Which Voucher Would You Like:

Which shop would you like it valid for:

Other Information:


These Vouchers are only valid for 40 days.



Shop Owners | Do You Want to Join The Voucher System or Get Information About How This Could Benefit For You??


If you want any information about how the system could benefit you or if you want to join the system straight away, just PM me, you could be making a lot more points if you just ask (no free stores). Remember, you don't have to make up your mind straight away, I will give you full information, I will make vouchers for free, and you get all the credit…






Please vote for this thread in the YCM Awards for helping other members and supplying for other shop owners.


If you would like to, fill out this form;



Name of thread:

Reason of nomination:


[spoiler=[u]List of Nominators:[/u]]






For now good bye. Please request the appropriate voucher of you choice mentioned with all the terms and conditions.


~Black Rose Phoenix®[/align]

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