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Fan-Made Mewthree! Please comment and rate!

Master of Shadows

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Very simple splice. All I see added to Mewtwo is Mews tail, which has been added to Mewtwo's tail. The left leg (it's left) shouldn't be that small in size, i'm not sure if you cut some if it off by mistake, but it should be bigger.


The tail has not been re-colored properly, as you can still see the pink parts from Mew's tail, so that needs to be re-colored. Also regarding the tail, is that it seems it has no shade whatsoever. It looks plain and un-professional that way, so add some shading to it, it's not that hard too and it will make it look a million times better.


Oh, and it appears that you have not re-colored the grey borders of Mew. It should be purple like Mews, remember that when re-coloring, make the borders of the splice the same color. I think perhaps the shading isnt right and maybe re-colored it wrong, not entirely sure about that.


Overall, it's simple and requires more imagination. Also, just work on re-coloring the borders properly and extend the length of it's left leg. You can always read a quick tut if you are unsure about anything.

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Firstly, in general the idea of a Mewthree is always done what I see as wrong. Mewtwo and Mew are very different, so why would Mewthree look so much like Mewtwo. Sure you could argue that they tried the same thing as they did Mewtwo, and that's why. I don't know who would be foolish enough to do the same thing they did with Mewtwo though because that would only cause innocent lives to be lost. I imagine a Mewthree would either be closer to actually being Mew since they would improve the ability to close, or they would make something compltely different from the two.


You didn't do it too bad you look as if you were trying to make a Mewtwo more Mew like, an improved version of a clone of mew.


Well sadly there are flaws in the spriting though. The colors for one I do not like. That pink colors that doesn't match the purple that just shows up in areas. The borders are messed up due to the light purple borders you have on them. Things like the feet, hands, tail are malformed. Ears you messed up some. It's all awkward and messed up. This is more what I'd imaged if you stopped the cloning mid staged.

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