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Deoxys Clone! Deotwo! Plz Comment and Rate!

Master of Shadows

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Very simple with not much of a change. What are those two thing streching out of the body? Those should be removed. The hands look mis-placed. Also, it seems that you haven't re-colored it properly, as Jirachi's yellow borders are still visible. You need to re-color them. Yet another thing that needs to be fixed. I also don't like how the claw is touching it's head, i'd move it slightly down. But just fix these errors and it will be fine I suppose.

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Please, when you make a sprite recolor your borders. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but when you go in and change the colors of your sprite, there is this one shade that you've missed. On the Jirachi head of this splice there is this dark brown like color going around it. This color doesn't quite match Deoxys red, and the border color Deoxys has would be much better.


The body and legs don't seem to match. Three reasons for this. One is that they seem to be going on totally different angles. Two, the upper body looks pretty bulk, while the bottom looks sleek and fast. Three, the bottom half actually looks like it's in motion.


The ribbon things I see in the back are almost non noticeable and might as well not be there, since without them being that viewable, they just clutter the areas.


The scratched spike arm's aren't too bad. A few misplaced pixels on the red one, and the green one doesn't top off quite right a the end. It also clashes with the green ribbon that is behind it. It looks better zoomed in to me though for some reason. May it's because it looks so 3D while zoomed out that it almost seems separate and alienated from the rest of the sprite.


The right arm seems large and deformed on this sprite.


In general the Jirachi headpiece seems out of place and not put on well. It's actually surprising to see these weird and small errors that just seem like lack of skill in knowledge mixed with the nice scratching.

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