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Primal Dialga! Made by me! Plz comment and Rate!

Master of Shadows

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Uggg... Primals. I can tell by just seeing the few primals I've seen recently that I won't like them. It's going to be some annoying recolor fad for sure. Aside from that personal bias I have to the recoloring type, there are a few flaws. One being is the middle jewl on its chest isn't properlly recolored, it's orange and blue. The other problem I have is with how you shaded the 'veins'. You've added those weird yellow squares everywhere, and now shading wise it is messed up. You also color normaly not black borders to black, this is mainly visible on the back spike like things. Normally eliminating shading is a bad thing.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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