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THE EPIC SUSHI SET IS COMING TO AN END!!! come and have a last look before it dies!


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very bad pics' date=' super bad OCG...dont make fake types.....0.5/10 sorry

[/quote']Looks like you crawl in the cellar for laughing....:?

Know what? This cards should make you think like the intelligent persons, who posted reply one and three. "Haha" should be your reaction not talking like a clever Dick about OCG and such stuff.....

keep going to school!8)

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Ok' date=' this is just making me hungry :(


It's good as a joke and whatnot, but bad as a card though...


9/10 for originality

4/10 for the cards themselves.



Makes me hungry to try sushi. I heard that it's good.


' pid='1578410' dateline='1231532836']

no please dont post these again

ill be sick

im eating Cokkies


You LIE! Besides you spelled cookies wrong! Have a "YOU FAIL" cake' date=' [b']Chaos[Remix][/b]

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