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Shakugan No Shana.................Completed


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The following cards are made base on the series Shakugan No Shana.

All images used in my cards are from the anime of the series or google.


After many complaints about using Fake-Type, I redid every cards to fix the OCG and change the Fake-Type into Sub-Type.


Something went horribly wrong during an update and I lost every on this post. Going to try to re-upload everything, which will take a couple of days.
















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YAY! Another Shakugan no Shana fan! You can tell I'm a fan with my username. ;)


Alright. Well, Shana is my favorite character and she is very much like me, so to make Shana truly have the glory she should, don't put the title like that. Change it to "Shana - The Flame Haired, Burning Eyed Hunter." Don't put it the other way around. The picture is also kinda bad. I can find SOOOO many better pictures then that, that wil accually make Shana look like a great card. Find a picture not from screenshots, but from wallpapers or the one in your sig works nicely if Yuji wasn't there.


Hmm, your OCG is ok. Not great, not good, not bad, but ok. Think more about your effects and make them more of your own imagination nad creation instead of simple effects like that, besides that its all good.


Nice work. ^-^


I'd like to talk to ya some time like two fans of an anime talking about the anime. lol.


The Crimson One,


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Shana's effect is good for gameplay, but being able to remove monsters and increase her ATK doesn't sound right for Flame Haze...(more fit for Rinne, Tomogara, and Ou)


I like your Friagne's Hougu-reaching ability (hopefully it doesn't turn out to be too powerful...but up to 3 per turn...sweet :lol: )


Regular Sharp is a killer. :shock: Good to have that "no direct attack" line


[spoiler=side story]It so happens that I am making cards of Shakugan no Shana too...guess I'll post my cards in another thread


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As you know, Fortune Roulette is supposed to only works on Flame Haze...though that would render this card completely useless unless dueling another Shakugan no Shana deck


The type on your first four Rinne is spelled wrong, I think.


Talking about type...I just read a thread concerning fake type and sub type...(and Mirand-chan's post in that thread) here: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-90111.html


Think it would be better if you have them all in Pyro-/Warrior-Type and then subtype them accordingly?

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Added "Hougu - Haridan" and "Hougu - Royal Ball". (Yes, it is Royal Ball, not Bell)

Thanks again jack781217, for pointing out the spelling in "Rennie" and "Rinne" in the cards. The first one is the English version and the second one is the Japanese, going the the Japanese one sounds better. And your right about Fortune Roulette only works on Flame Haze, so to balance the card I change increase ATK to decrease ATK. Is that better?


Regarding using the fake types, I'm still not really what to do about it. I think it is fine to leave it as it is, though I could be wrong.

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Added "Rammie - The Corpse Retriever" and "Unrestricted Spell - Fuzetsu".


Yes, there are Equip Trap, example of real cards are "Kunai with Chain", "Metalmorph", and "Rare Metalmorph".


The reason most of the pictures have a crimson shading to it is because my pictures are from the anime and most of the good pictures are of them inside a fuzetsu.

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