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My Best Pokemon Splice.


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I forgot what I said about this sprite the last time I saw it. I want to say though I probably said it was cluttered. I've never been a fan of too many themes. You have dark energy orgs, smoke, largeness, eyes/spots. I mean you fit it together, but it all seems too busy. This might be because I view splices too much as actual things. I picture them making something. I can't really picture what your thing would be might be the problem. Smoke suggests poison. Dark orbs make me think ghost or dark. The spots make me think the thing is sick.


I think taking away the spots on the stomach, smoke, and orbs would make a very clean and nice looking sprite. Looking at that myself, it isn't too bad. I will admit plain. Throwing the smoke back in wouldn't hurt though. I mean using the sound tubes as smoke stacks was a great idea. With the whole Dark/Sick theme gone, it has it's own personalty, instead of like 5.


A theme that doesn't clutter, or even makes itself noticed that well, the pouch. I'd say ditch it altogether. I want to say make it more noticeable, but it would just try and share the attention with too many other things.


A big reason why the themes so clutter, they don't come together with Snorlax. Snorlax is big and noticeable, hard to get around that. I mean you look at your splice here, you see snorlax with 5 different things going on. It's basically a Snorlax Super Deluxe. So each theme feels separate, they stick out, they don't fall in and blend, so they become even more noticeable.




I love how with better sprites, I tear them apart even harder =D

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Thaynx for your comments, Jappio. ^_^

I knew I could count on you.


I was picturing the dark orbs as orbs or specks of soot. That was what I was picturing when I made it, anyway.


I could take of the spots on the stomach, though. It does look a bit too crowded with the spots.


Speaking of crowded, my original idea was make another smaller version and put it in the Kangaskan pouch. Imagine how crowded that would've been! ^_^


Thaynx for the input everyone!

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Ooh I like that' date=' good job. Some of the spots look a bit funny but overall it's great. I think Exploud is one of the hardest things to splice but you've done it quite expertly. Also the floaty spots look a bit unnecessary.



You don't like the floaty spots? Aww man...

That's one of my favorite parts...

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