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Free Image Cropping


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[align=center]Nothing really special about this shop, you give me an image, I crop it, you get it back. No rules except no stealing, no spamming, no flaming, and no breaking YCM rules. Here is the form:


URL of Image:


Focus Area:



Note that if the URL is smaller than the size you want, I will decline your order. To crop an image, you take parts AWAY, so the URL needs to be bigger than the size. The focus area is what part of the picture you want into the crop. If you don't post a URL, your order is declined. If you don't post a size, it will be 244x248. If you don't post a focus area, I will assume the main object. If you don't post a file name, I will automatically use PNG. Note that the Card Maker can only process JPG pictures, but the avatar uploader and signatures can process both. Here are some size references...


244 x 248 : YCM Card Pictures

100 x 100 : Standard Avatars

80 x 80 : YCM Avatars


You can click the original picture to be taken to the URL where it was found, in the Examples.




34eev5e.png ---> 2uj11cp.png [200 x 200]


sdkx87.png ---> ri7xoz.png [100 x 100]




1z3zfgx.png [244 x 248]






That's about it. Feel free to tip me if you want, I don't require it.


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[quote='Mikooo' pid='1567649' dateline='1231290776']

Can i have a 80x80 avi?

Focus Area: anywhere
JPG or PNG: you pick

Might be a little hard since the picture is so big, so I'll have to do something... different.

Mikooo's Order : Sorry for very bad quality, hard picture to work with. [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/1znamuf.png[/IMG]

[quote='kaibarawks' pid='1567674' dateline='1231290925']
i want a crop!

URL of Image: http://clearmirrorstillh20.deviantart.com/art/Raptor-vs-Giant-Snake-95128895
Focus Area: there heads

Got it, I might have to resize the pic, though.

Kaiba's Order : I had to resize it so both heads would fit. [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/34rvjm0.png[/IMG]
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URL of Image:28s5utd.png

Size:80x80 Thats the avi size rite?

Focus Area:The Head od the dude


Thnx alot.


Should be easy enough.


I can redo it if you want' date=' with a different angle. [img']http://i41.tinypic.com/abmh3p.png[/img]


URL of Image: http://img19.picoodle.com/img/img19/3/1/6/f_AztecDragonm_8030b1c.jpg

Size: 244 x 248

Focus Area: Include the entire dragon' date=' with just a little BG.

JPG or PNG: I honestly don't care.



Finally a large-scale picture. I'll get on that.


Couldn't get the whole dragon, got most of it though. vpz0gk.png

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