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Welcome all new YCM members!!!


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all new

YCM members!!!


How to be a good YCM member

You can be a good YCM member by...

  1. Being helpful!!Most probably if your helpful you'll get more positive reps!The more positive reps you have,the more positive things others think about you!!!
  2. Dont spam!Its very important to never spam.Spamming can get you negetive reps.Or even possibly reported.(You dont want that to happen!!!)
  3. Dont rep spam.If someone neg spams you for no reason,report them!Because if you negative rep the back,then they'll have something to report you for!
  4. Dont steal anything,use permmision to use other YCM members stuff!
    You be neg reped and reported.Its a 75% chance you'll get negged and reported!
  5. There are tons more things how to be a good YCM member,But these are for now!


Thanks for your time!!!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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