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my first set (go easy on me)


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i guess this is my first set please go easy on me

and mostly images from different site credit to them but i did get one from photobucket by wolfkin_nightclaw and marcoslopezordoqui sorry to the others and i just couldnt get some pics and i know theres pic errors i couldnt fix them











blue eyes shining + red eyes darkness

This card has to be fusion summond by Blue eyes shining dragon and Red eyes darkness dragon with using the spell card shining drakness dragon fusion . Dragons can not be targeted be monster effects, spells, traps as long as you dicard three cards from your hand or dicard three cards from your deck. For every monster on the field you lose 1000 life per turn. For each dragons in the graveyard and remove this card gains 300 atk and def





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Well, ehrm... You need pics for those cards, or this is an epic fail. And your OCG needs work, your pic finding skills need work. Try going to DeviantArt.com and search for your pictures. Otherwise, this is good for a begginer. 5.7/10.00. I also wonder why only new members answer... Some high lvls nee dto tell what they really think. Oh, and also- theres alot of spam in this post. It may get locked... Maybe.

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Wow. This thread is full of n00bs except you, adamandlogan, and myself.


Ok, here is a list of things wrong with this:

  • Horrible OCG
  • Needs Pictures
  • Names need to be Capitalized
  • Overpowered

I shouldn't really rate n00bs' threads because it kind of makes me mad and irritating to see the wrong way of making cards.

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