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Moonlight Dragon

lindz rox

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This is my new card, Moonlight Dragon. I made it for fun one night and wanted to know what you people think.

I do not claim credit for this image. All credit goes to Google Images. Keywords i used in Google: Dark Dragon and Moon light dragon.

Picture may be over used.


I'm not to sure about the OCG, but i gave it a crack.



"When this card is successfully Tribute Summoned, remove this card from play. During your next Standby Phase, Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position and increase its ATK by 1000."


I've added this new card which goes with the one above.


When a card removed from play is Special Summoned to your field, activate one of the following effects:

-Choose 1 Monster, Spell or Trap card from your opponents field

and remove it from play.

-Inflict 700 points of direct damage.


hope you like it :)

If you can could you help me fix any problems with these cards thanks :).


'Lindz Rox'

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Moonlight: Inanely pointless effect. You waste 2 monsters to RFG the Tribute monster... all to get a beatstick? LOLWUT? Megraock Dragon says hi.


Returned: Hard to get to the field. First effect is the only one even worth lookin' at.


No, sir, they stink.

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ppl hav different oppinions and i respect them. If they can be saved please tell me how they can be saved

Ok, I have made ajustments to each card.


1st: I changed the level of the card to 6 stars. Its ATK and DEF have been reduced to match the level. ( It may be overpowered or underpowered. please state if so.)

The effect stays.


2nd:I changed the level to 6 stars also. Its ATK and DEF have been Reduced to match. I've take the increase in ATK and DEF from the effect out.(If you think there are anymore changes to be done can you please say? I'm trying my best.. :) thanks for your help.

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