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Advanced Future Fusion


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There's only 1 TCG monster this can summon, and that is UFOroid Fighter.


However, the 4950 combined ATK of Gate Guardian and UFOroid make this card broken.


The OCG was okay but the capitalization needs to be worked on.


Hard to give this a rating since its use barring other CCG cards is limited to OTK decks. Also, no image credit?

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You can also summon the V,W,X,Y,Z fusions. So you can summon 6 more monsters.

I think its not overpowered, because there enough cards to destroy a continious spell card during your opponents turn, for example mst, dust tornado,...

there is a small chance for an OTK.

Perhaps you should make the sentence "you cannot equip..." to " During the turn you activate this card, the ATK and DEF of the summoned monster cannot raised" or something like that.

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