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New WATER Starters for my Pokedex.

Master of Shadows

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Good old Pikablu, classic. Cliche, but at the same time classic. I don't quite like your choice in Pikachu sprite. Platinum has in my opinion a stupid looking Pikachu face. I also don't like the border going around it. Something about it seems too thick and dark. The ears aren't placed the best either.


You didn't recolor a line on the top of the second one. Also I find the feet much too small, doesn't make much sense. Also this barely seems like an extension upon the last one. Normally the big difference between a Raichu and Pikachu are the tail and ears. You though made it so the tail and ears have no change. They still look different, but barely.


I suggest making a third one. Of course not just because this is a starter family, but also for the sake of making it seem like a better family line. If you make a baby or final form, it will maybe look better as a set of three instead of just the two.

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