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New FIRE Starters for my Pokedex. Chari-Clones!

Master of Shadows

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I love it that usually me, the negative guy, to come in and be the positive guy. I in no way think these are that good, but some of the points made about it being negative seem a tad harsh a tad fast.


As he said, these aren't full fledged Fakemon or anything of the sort. These are more along the lines of mutations, minor mutations. It's a twist upon a basic idea. Nothing new, just slight alter. If we yell at him for these, we'd have to yell at people who did recolors too. Those also change very little and are arguably in no way original.


Also Raelen. Normal breeding with a Ditto will get you the same Pokemon. This is because Ditto becomes the other Pokemon. It's as if Charizard bread with a Charizard. There would be no Ditto parts in it at all, it changed it's own DNA. This is what lead me to believe there was a mutation. Ditto tried to replicate Charizard's DNA, but something went wrong. The offspring then becomes a slight mutation. Mutations aren't going to to turn it into a monster blob or anything. Sometimes mutation can be simple as growing an extra toe, or in this case: Color alteration, and having a different flame spot on it's body.


Well now that I've defended the concept, time to get to the real meat of a sprite, the pixel by pixel look over.


I do agree with what they said about the simple copying of the flame. You didn't quite alter them enough to make them look different. Charmander's seems to not be positioned well, and seems to be jagged at it's base.


Charmeleon's is definitely position wrong. This is assuming you want the flame coming ffrom the center of the head. If it comes out of the eyebrow, I suppose it's fine. The flame itself again seems jagged, and the fact this one flows exactly the same way is a little annoying.


Charizard's extends not too well, and the way it comes out of his head is weird. Perhaps its the angle and how you make it join. I also don't like the mouth.


Your technique wasn't right, but your concept isn't horrible.

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