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how can my deck improve


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can u reply and tel me how i can improve my deck



harpie's hunting ground x1

pot of greed x2

axe of despair x1

pot of avarice x1

wave-motion cannon x1

monster reincarnation x1

swords of reaveling light x1

monster reborn x2

magical mallet x1

brain control x1

block attack x1

transendent wings x1

card destruction x1

gift of the martyr x1

sheild & sword x1

mystical space typhoon x1



spellbinding circle x1

call of the haunted x1

coffin seller x1

magic cylinder x1

trap hole x1



castle of dark illusions x1

sangan x1

ancient gear gadjiltron dragon x1

big koala x1

infernal flame emperor x1

winged kuriboh lv10 x1

mystical elf x1

harpie lady 3 x1

raviel,lord of phantasms x1

celtic guardian x1

giant soldeir of stone x1

sumberineroid x1

harpie lady 1 x1

harpie lady 2 x1

summond skull x1

curse of dragon x1

winged kutiboh x1

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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