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The Iron Gridlock, Tales of the Beginning


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Our story begins in an ancient time, where wizards, warriors, archers, and beasts are the dominant species. The lands are corrupted by a dark magic, and only those with the will, and the patience can conquer it.


In the lands of Gleinor, 4 people reign supreme. Two whom are men, one who is a woman, and the other a beast. Together they form the Gleinor council. Each of the four rules one division of the land, being the Earth, the Light, the Dark, and the Sea. Recently, the council was divided amongst themselves, beginning a terrible time within Gleinor, the start of the God Wars.


The Earth god and warrior, Damien, has begun his feud with Lyla, the Sorceress and god of the Dark. In the midst, Waylan, the top archer and divine god of the light, is now at war with Jizok, beastly god, and ruler of the sea. If the council does not settle their differences, the lands of Gleinor will crumble, and forever be in turmoil. Throughout the lands, the individual god followers have gone to war on their own against their rival god supporters, to claim an even greater victory for that god.


Though some remain peaceful,others continue to fall to corruption and madness. What Gleinor needs now is the return of the Balanced Four; these great beings were slain a time ago by the lightless black, in which Gleinor was created. Only they can restore balance; only they can bring the Council together once more; only they can save Gleinor.


As a citizen of Gleinor, you may choose a class and god to follow. There are four classes:


Beast (follower of Jizok, god of the sea)

Warrior (follower of Damien, the strongest warrior and god of Earth)

Wizard / Sorceress (follower of Lyla, most powerful Sorceress and god of the Dark)

Archer (follower of Waylan, top archer and god of the Light)


You may choose a maximum of three classes, should you think you can handle each role. The Balanced Four will be revealed later in the role-play. Your mission is to encounter friends and enemies, build an alliance, and attempt to bring the council to peace. Only through your hard work and constant training will you grow stronger. Only then will you bring the council to peace.


Sign-Up Form:


Character's Name (First and Last):

Character's Image (extreme detail, no less than 7 sentences):

Character's Class(es):

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