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pokemon,yu-gi-oh cards (not fiinshed)


do youu think any of these are right.?  

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  1. 1. do youu think any of these are right.?

    • 1/5 crap!
    • 2/5 not as much crap
    • 3/5 cool!
    • 4/5 wwwwoooowwww!!!!!!!!
    • 5/5 greatest you have ever done.

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Thease are not good cards as many have said your just spamming with a complement to get a post, thease have terrible OCG and are over powered, Groudon and Kyogure lugia and swallot have good pics. All others have white background which are bad, pke radar is just a pokemon card as a pic for a yugioh card! Stupid complicated effects which don't work and reggigas is way overpowered. And thease aren't suppost to be in written cards they should be in pop culture

And never make new sub types or create pokemon yugioh cards

Grade F

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