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Fire Dragon (please reply)


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Here's the Fire attribute. Thanks to your previous replies, I turned down the power of this card to make it a little more managible. I've also included a dragon spell. I realize this might have partly copied off of another card already made, but compaired with the ones on this site and in the game, ideas are running short so be reasonable. Enjoy. All card images used by me are from google.





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lol' date=' the first monster have an error, is not Fire atribute, is Fire-Type. But good cards, i loves dragons. 9/10



its not Fire attribute and niether Fire-type...its FIRE Atribute

Normal Summoned or Set, Special Summoned,

When a Trap card is activated, by paying 1000 Life Points negate the effect of the Trap card and destroy it.

Dragon-Type, Spell or Trap, ''Lord of D.'' or ''King Dragon''


^^ these are all OCG errors but since you only have 1 star i can guarantee you will make better cards.


for those 2 cards i will give a poor 4/10

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