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Greek Mythology Club!!!


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[align=center]Welcome to the vast world of Ancient Greece!




This club will be discussing everything and anything Greek Mythology. If you know any movies, books, or any information on Greek Mythology, then please join. If you would like to join, just choose one of the 14 major Greek Gods below to be your entry character. Then fill out the form.



(If You Would Like Info on your God, go to this website:


-Zeus: TGPharoah



-Hera: binkatong



-Ares: lordtyson






-Apollo: Yoshigohan

-Artemis: Fenrir's Herald


I am Zeus. If one is already taken, you can not choose it. When all God Positions are gone, Greek Myth Heroes will be added. Then, after all Heroes are taken, creatures will appear. This is first come first serve. If one person becomes inactive, then they will be eliminated and the first person to claim the spot, whether a member or just joining will get it. Here is the form to join. Fill thi out or your entry will be rejected.




Skill To Club: (ex. Card Making, Banner Making, etc.)

Favorite God:

Have Your Read Percy Jackson and the Olympians?:


Fill That out. Okay, thanks for joining.


Club Affiliates:

Camp Wawanakwa-Run By Yoshigohan



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It's a great series. Read it. Also, what is your favorite story in the myths. Mine is where that guys wife died and he went to find Hades to get her to live again. Hades made a deal with him that she could come back with him as long as he didn't look back at her before they made it to the upperworld. In the end, he made it about a foot from the door and looked back and his wife could not come back.

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Username: Binkatong

Character: Hera

Skill To Club: Well, I can write, if that counts for anything.

Favorite God: I don't really know... I guess I'll go with Hera, just because she's the god of Argos. Argos forever! xD

Have Your Read Percy Jackson and the Olympians?: Yes! I love those books! Gooo Donut Monster! xDDD

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sorry if my non member posting is against your rules, but, starting this weekend, you and other clubs will be in a category of my criticism as a club reviewer. plz pm me(leader or current leading officer only) for more info and for your approval

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