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Stroke doesn't look good

Background is extremely boring

Splatters aren't appealing

Render looks like he doesn't belong in the slightest

Border is bad


Really' date=' it just doesn't look good:?



Must.. agree.. with.. the great.. problematica..

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Render is copypasta with stroke' date=' and a few brushes and a sucky border. Nuff said.[b'] I will not comment further until you learn elementary Sig making skills.[/b]

Ever hear of the saying "Practice what you preach"?


I looks like you were trying to go for a simple vector-ish sig. If you're going to attempt something like that you should have a vectored, or vector styled render. But it does look like you just used some splatter brushes with 3. A larger canvas, with some abstract and floral brushes is usually a good idea for this type of sig.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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