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DW anti meta deck

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total : 41

monsters : 17

1 dark magician of chaos

2 dark armed dragon

2 goldd wu lord of dark world

3 sillva warlord of darkworld


2 broww huntsman of darkworld

1 witch of the black forest

1 sangan

1 cyber stein

1 sinister serpent

1 magician of faith

2 d.d. crow


spells : 21

3 allure of darkness

3 Dark World Dealings

1 mirage of nightmare

1 graceful charity

1 pot of greed

1 delinquent duo

1 confiscation

1 the forceful sentry

1 harpie's feather duster

1 mystical space typhoon

1 raigeki

1 change of heart

1 snatch steal

1 monster reborn

1 premature burial

1 painful choice


traps : 04

1 imperial order

1 crush card virus

2 threatening roar


extra deck : 15

1 red dragon archfiend

1 colossal fighter

1 thought ruler archfiend

1 stardust dragon

1 black rose dragon

1 goyo guardian

1 magical android

1 blue-eyes ultimate dragon

1 cyber twin dragon

1 cyber end dragon

1 chimeratech forteress dragon

1 ryu senshi

1 dark balter the terrible

1 fiend skull dragon

1 thousand-eyes restrict


side deck : 15

3 elephant statue of disaster

3 hanewata

2 neko mane king

1 d.d. crow

3 upstart goblin

3 solemn judgement


build to take on anything from norleras to exodia.

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this is anti meta how?


-sillva vs exodia, deliquent duo, DWD...

-d.d. crow vs exhange otk, poc/norleras, empty jar...

-roars vs OTKs

-sinister serpent for yata locks

-last turn is covered with the side deck and with sangan/witch

-hand control for every deck in trad format

-burn decks covered with the side deck


I'm just missing something for turn 1 ccv.


It's not like the anti-meta decks of the advanced format because the 2 formats are so different. I guess you could make 1 similar to what you see in advanced format if you focus on stardust dragon and skill drain but it seems very slow. Turn 1 duo or ccv murders a lot of decks. It's just that turn 1 ccv is almost impossible to counter.

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