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S.E.V.E.N [PG-13]

Furious Reaper I

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[spoiler=Prolouge: Beginning of the Rise]


It seemed like a normal day in the village of Konoha when a loud rumble was heard. Naruto ran towards the noise despite warnings from Kakashi


Naruto: Somebody come to attack the village. I have to help. It's my ninja way.


Kakashi: You may be a Sage but that does not mean that you can defeat everything


A loud boom is heard and the doors of the village are completely blown off.


???: Strength Style: Hammer Punch


he ran towards a leaf shinobi and punched him to the other side of the village


???: If you need anymore proof of my power than send your best ninja and i will face him and defeat him


??? turns and looks directly at Naruto


???: Ah, the container of the Demon Fox is your strongest ninja


Kakashi: He means you, Naruto


Naruto jumps down and walks over to ???


Naruto: I will fight you if you tell me your name


???: Fine my name is Revan Jinamo


Naruto: Revan, you will not win this fight


Revan: You won't be able to touch me


Naruto runs at Revan and goes to punch him but Revan ducks it and hits Naruto with an Uppercut, sending him flying backwards. Naruto gets to his feet and wipes the blood from his mouth and charges Revan again, this time charging up the Rasengan but Revan jumps above it and slams his foot onto Naruto's head and then follows up with an elbow to his back finishing with a Roundhouse kick that sends Naruto into a nearby house but then Naruto turns into a log


Revan: A substitution??


Naruto is stood behind Revan with a fully formed Rasengan and he slams it into Revan's back but Revan also turns into a log and then appears behind Naruto


Revan: Fatal Style: Neck Snap


Red chakra begins coursing through Revan's hands and he grabs Naruto head and turn fully around, leaving his body the other way but once he turns into a log and this time Naruto slams the Rasengan into Revan's head and he is sent flying.


???: You seriously didn't think he came alone did you


??? stabs Naruto with his Kwan Do and walks to his fallen comrade and heals his wonds before leaving the village. all of the villager rush to Naruto to see if he is dead. Sakura reaches him first and begins to heal him.


Naruto: Thank..........you......Sakura


Naruto tries to stand but can't


Sakura: It's a miracle you're still Naruto. you took a hell of a beating of that Revan guy and then his helper


Naruto: I gotta find out of Tsunade who that guy was






[spoiler=Members of S.E.V.E.N]


Revan Jinamo

Lu Bu - Creator and Leader

Shang Tsung

Gongsun Zan

Shao Khan

Doctor Robotnik

Sasuke Uchiha



Hope you like it

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[spoiler=Episode/Chapter 2: S.E.V.E.N Revealed]


A gloomy castle overlooking a small village was the meeting place of S.E.V.E.N since they were brought together by the greatest warrior of all time, Lu Bu. Revan Jinamo limped over the threshold of the castle, injured by his battle with Naruto.


Lu Bu: You were always foolish Revan but even I never expected you to reveal yourself for the sake of a fight


Revan: I am still an honorable warrior and therefore when I am asked my name by my opponent I will gladly reveal


Lu Bu: If I had arrived the moment you got hit with that Rasengan and stabbed Naruto, you would have been dead


Revan: I did not ask for your help Lu


Lu Bu: You are a brilliant warrior but sometimes you get tunnel vision during battle. You become single minded with one thing and forget to focus on other things


Shao Khan had been listening to the conversation but Lu Bu had seen him


Lu Bu: Why are you listening in Khan?


Shao Khan: I was wondering if it was anything important. Like an actual battle. but I was mistaken


Lu Bu: Hold your tounge in front of me Emperor. I could easily defeat you in kombat


Shao Khan: I doubt that


Gongsun Zan decided to interupt


Gongsun Zan: Khan, Lu Bu is the greatest warrior of all time. he defeated three seperate armies with just his horse and spear


Shao Khan: I bet the armies were weak


Gongsun Zan: You are severly wrong, Khan. each army had atleast 10000 troops


Shao Khan: Impossible!!. No ordinary man can defeat 30,000 troops in a single battle with a single weapon


Gongsun Zan: Lu Bu is no ordinary man. he has survived death so many times that most members of my family think he is immortal and cannot be killed


Shao Khan: Where is the evidence to back up this sensational claim?


Lu Bu: There may no evidence that I ever did that but it happened. Remember what I told you when I created this network of villains


Shao Khan: That was many years ago. I have forgetton most of it. The only part i remember is that you were attacked by 4 ninjas near the borders of the Land of Fire and that you killed them and then you were attacked by thier leader and his fighting skills impressed you so much that you decided to contact your old friends and create S.E.V.E.N


Lu Bu: You were not an old friend of mine though. You are here by the fact that your head sorceror Shang Tsung is a good friend of mine and he vouched for you.


Shang Tsung teleports into the room and walked over


Shang Tsung: Lu Bu helped me a few hundred years ago so I helped him prolong his life. I actually managed to make him immortal by accident and now he cannot be killed


Shao Khan: You can't be killed?


Lu Bu: Yes. Thanks to Shang Tsung I was able to permanently prolong my life


Sasuke: That's why my ninjas were useless against you


Dr.Robotnik: This is good news. Because if you can't die Lu, then nothing could stop you from taking over the world


Lu Bu: That is true. But first we must eliminate all who stand in our way





my first PG-13 bit will appear in Episode/Chapter 3: Brother vs Brother, Betrayal Most Foul

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[spoiler=Episode/Chapter 3: Brother vs Brother, Betrayal Most Foul]


Gongsun Zan was riding with his brother through thier terrority.


Gongsun Yue: Brother, I need your help with something


Gongsun Zan: What do you need my help with?


Gongsun Yue: I need your help taking out Lu Bu and his band of warriors. his tyranny has gone on long enough


Gongsun Zan turns away from his brother and ponders what he has said


Gongsun Yue: Why do you turn away Brother?


Gongsun Zan: I am sorry Brother but I cannot help you against Lu Bu. Also it would be wise to not challenge him because you will be killed


Gongsun Yue: You would turn your back on Bei Ping?


Gongsun Zan: I must do what is right for myself


Gongsun Yue: You sound just like Lu Bu. He said that as I watched him kill our father. You have already betrayed me haven't you?


Gongsun Zan: Yes Brother I have. I am sorry but you remaining alive would have impeded the progress of S.E.V.E.N


Gongsun Yue: You are a fool Brother. Once Lu Bu controls all of the land he will kill you


Gongsun Zan pulls his sword out and lunges for his brother but his brother sidesteps the lunge and pulls out his own sword. Yue steps forward and swings his sword for Zan's neck but he dodged it and stabbed Yue on the stomach


Gongsun Yue: Finish it


Gongsun Zan plunged his sword deep into his brother's back and watched as his brother collasped to floor dead


Gongsun Zan: Ninja Art: Summoning Jutsu


A horse appears and Gongsun Zan gets onto it and heads for the stronghold of S.E.V.E.N





Hope you like it


Next Chapter/Episode will be called: Chapter/Episode 4: Forces of Light

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