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Clock & The Cannon


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Morphtronic Burn


Monsters (19)

3x Celfon

3x Clocken

3x Magnen

2x Radion

2x Datatron

2x Giant Rat

1x Crass Clown

1x Dream Clown

1x Ebon Magician Curran

1x Sangan


Spells (15)

3x Wave-Motion Cannon

3x Stumbling

3x Messenger of Peace

2x Black Garden

1x Monster Reborn

1x Level Limit – Area B

1x Machine Duplication

1x Inferno Reckless Summon


Traps (6)

3x Reckless Greed

2x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

1x Gravity Bind


Total Cards: 40


Tech choices explained upon request. Post away!

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I have an idea on what your doing' date=' and you may want to get some more attack stoppers.


swords, and nightmare cage should do the trick.


Wow. Two cards that should never be given seriously as advice.




-2 Giant Rat

-1 Crass Clown

-1 Dream Clown

-1 Ebon Magician Curran



Need some sort of fast draw engine



-3 Reckless Greed

-1 Secret Barrel

-1 Zero Gravity

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Unfortunately I can't afford Solemns or Bribes. I've got plenty to stop attacks - I'm not worried at all about that. I've got a couple PWWBs, but I'm not really sure if they'd do well here. I'll try it. To Harbinger: here's my tech choices.


Giant Rat - searches a large majority of monsters I may need, faster than Sangan.

Crass & Dream Clowns - they work well with Stumbling and Zero Gravity. I would use just Crass, but bouncing Judgment or DAD won't do me any good. Plus, Dream is faster.

Ebon Magician Curran - my opponent's field will get pretty clogged with Black Garden.

Reckless Greed - the only draw engine I can actually afford.

Secret Barrel - same as Ebon.

Zero Gravity - can combo with the clowns; stops attacks (if I have to resort to using it that way); switches Celfon if it gets switched by Stumbling.


But I've got a few ideas... tell me what you all think.


-1 Crass Clown

-1 Zero Gravity

-1 Secret Barrel



+1 Sangan

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