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This thread is for anything warhammer (40000 or normal) from favorite armies to battle stratagies...

1 pt is gained for every post based on warhammer!


This weeks topic: What was your first finished figure



1- Supercardman101- Thread Mayor

2- YCMaker#2- Thread trainee (1 pts)

3- freeman43- Thread trainee (1 pts)

4- d3m0m fung1- Thread trainee (1 pts)


Rank list

1 ) Mayor (thread creator only)

2 ) Vice Mayor

3 ) Colonel

4 ) Captain

5 ) Sargent

6 ) Corperal

7 ) Lance Corperal

8 ) Private

9 ) Trainee

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I'm Eldar till i die! I'm Eldar till i die! I know I am! I'm sure I am! I'm Eldar till i die! Who else collects Eldar, The best army in the world?

Mine is a Eldar fire prism! They rule

i also know how to post cards now. click on the imige of the card in the maker, then copy thecode at the bottom then paste in.


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